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I found a way, I found a waaa~y

*is numb and bleeding in the mouth area*

I am now minus 5 teeth. I don't even remember falling sleep due to the anesthesia. In any case:

Sorry I missed your friends cut, yami_whoo. If you don't want me on your list, though, just tell me :3 I won't mind, since I'm not a very good friend XD;

And I need to update for paixaorpg. Or see what I missed in the last few hours.

> >; Let's go over the surgery in depth, shall we? We get there around 11.20, after I haven't eaten since midnight. Surprisingly, I am not hungry. Consent forms are signed, and I go back. They put all this stuff on me to measure my vitals and such, and then prick me so they can put the IV in and let the anesthesia flow into me. But I also get a nice warm blanket. A few minutes after this, and I'm out and don't remember a thing. I half-wake up, and it's all over. The lady that put the IV in takes me to the recovery room, where I sit for a little bit with my mom and Rave, and they talk about something (I don't remember what). Then, the lady helps me to the car and we go home. Mom goes to Wal-mart to get my prescription and some pads, and dad stops by. We chat, and he gives me this nifty spa Blistex stuff, and then leaves. Mom comes back, and when she enters my room I start drooling blood :x So yeah, we clean that up, and I take my medicine (it was effin' hard x__x) and sleep. And now I'm up and eating the free Goodberry's the surgery place gave me.

Sorry I can't hang out, Lisa. And happy belated birthday! *hugs*

I'm gonna play some CoM.
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