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Let me say, I fucking love the movie Kamikaze Girls. That's another movie I must buy, which makes my list a whopping two :3

But seriously...that movie takes Japanese subculture and makes it fucking hilarious. You all must watch it. Not to mention there is some excellent Japanese female eyecandy :O:O:O

Anyway...:3 I went to Mitchell's to get my hair deep-conditioned and the split-ends cut. It's no longer that messy jaggedness that I liked ;__; But oh well, that will grow back. At least it's getting healthy again > >;; I'll probably have my hair parted down the center for a while, though ^^;

Muuurr...this movie makes me wish I had some lolita stuffs :3 So cute.

Meh...I'm gonna go tell mom that I need to be dropped off early tomorrow (hopefully she can drop rave off later > >;) and then get a bath and go to bed. G'night, all!
Tags: hair, kamikaze girls, movie, real life
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