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You know what I hate? I hate when it takes someone being SEVERAL STATES AWAY AND NOT SIGNING INTO MSN EVER OMG for me to be like, "Wow, I suddenly want to talk to aforementioned person." Meevie, I miss you like woah. And I don't think I ever tell you how awesome you are, SO TELEPATHICALLY GET THIS MESSAGE AND SIGN ON TO MSN SO THAT I CAN.

Muur, life sucks :3 My hair is growing back, though! Makes me so happy! After competition, I'm gonna dye the lower layers pink. For serious.

WARDROBE MAKEOVER ONCE DAI/A-CHAN HAS ENOUGH MONEY. Seriously. I'm starting off with the shoes. Some stuff from Puchi Love, and some boots like these only with white ribbon for the laces. I also wanna buy a second pair, dye them purple, and put in aqua ribbon for the laces cause I'm just that cool :3

I also want some stuff from Planet Walrus. I'm willing to pay for it once I get a job.

OH! Got my lisence today! *is excited* Guess where I'm going tomorrow? If you guessed GameStop, you'd be correct.

AND AND AND...I got accepted into Ringling's Precollege Perspective. It's a summer arts program lasting 4 weeks. I GET TO MEET PEOPLE! AND I'M ACTUALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT OMG.

*is hyper beyond belief* XD;;;

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