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The more I get of you, the stranger it feels....

:O Happy V-day, all. I hope your days went well. I was halfway in the school building today before I thought, "...I'm wearing all black on Valentines' Day. This has got to mean something."

Mommy got me some gorgeous yellow roses and M&Ms. XD I repaid her by rushing into Kroger and getting her some cheap irises and her favorite chocolates wrapped all pretty-like. It had actually been to ge my friend's gifts, but I needed to get her something.

Lesse...I got exempt from an exam tomorrow. My earth science class talks far too damn much, and we were really irritating Mrs. Gatewood, so she said she'd quiz us on what we were doing. We were finding the arrival time of a flight itinerary. Luckily, I answered the next question correctly almost immediately, so she knew I was paying attention and decided to exempt me.

You know? I love the song 'Kiss from a Rose'. I think it'd be so romantic to have it sung to me. I can't listen to it now, or it will make me cry.

...I'm gonna dress pretty tomorrow, even though it's a half-day. I'm thinking my philosophy is that maybe if I dress pretty, I'll feel pretty, and thus I'll feel better. It's working, a bit.

[EDIT] @ 10.40PM - I deleted this part. It's useless and was only put in for sympathy, whereas actually recieving sympathy will make me cry. </edit>

And again, Happy Valentines' Day. Sorry for getting all weird .__.;

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