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Today, I feel better :3

My day was kinda weird XD; It started out okay; I decided to use this other stuff for my face that's supposedly better for it. Last time it made me break out, but I think that's because my skin wasn't "regulated" or something. Either way, let's hope it works. I also wore an old outfit today (another dress!). It's actually a dress that I got picked on for wearing in middle school and so I stopped wearing it. Well, I like it, so I'm wearing it again. I had these too-small blue tights to go with it (I need to go tights shopping > >;).

I also wore my old leather coat. I love that coat ♥

I got to school today, and I felt like shit. Just basically anger at myself and those around me .__.; Ne, I don't really put myself above others, but maybe I'm just really perceptive and they are not? I dunno.

Either way, I got home and felt better. I did my exercises (I've decided to do them after school instead of in the morning, since I'm so tired in the morning), plus tried on some outfits (I feel like a kid again ♥) I've chosen something to wear tomorrow and Wedensday. I'm particularly loving the Wedensday outfit since I get to wear one of my old dance skirts with it. Can't let something so expensive go to waste.

Hrm...oh! I found a gorgeous body for my school A. A Scarface Cecile body, which I had never considered. I like the wound on his arm; it'll give my boy character if I get it. Hopefully I can arrange some sort of layaway with the seller, since it's over $800.

Whee, lastly, I downloaded the PreCollege Perspective. I've been told that Savannah is better than Ringling, but I wanna see for myself! PCP is this program where you attend Ringling for a month and take classes there. Let's hope I get in!

And try on more outfits :)
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