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Say you're okay...


Turns out I had more homework than I thought. Ah well, I can finish reading in the morning and do my stuff for English in first period. I gotta study for an HEES test that I forgot about. Then I'll just finish my Algebra 2 stuff during lunch.

Meh, so tired x__x But I did get to see Meevie today, so that was a plus. XD I kept hijacking her compi and talking to Kyoshi and weirding her out, so I think Kyoshi hates me now. Ah well, I'm just crazy like that.

We froliced at Crabtree! I hadn't been to that mall in so long. We went into Claire's and Meev made me taste one of the "Dessert" products, some cotton candy lotion stuff. It was. So. Bad.

We also went to Sephora, which I now love and wish I was rich enough to shop at XD; Gaah, they had this nice powder-glitter stuff that I really liked. I put some on my hand, and then realized it got in the air if you just shook it. So I shook it again, just because I could, and some got in my mouth. :O It tasted good! Meevie tried some, and we both love the stuff. Too bad it was $30 u__u

Haha, Meevie, you didn't get that picture ;D

Speaking of...I really want a digital camera. For some reason, I've been getting all interested in looking at photography, and now I want to do some. I was planning to get a better one, anyway, since the one I currently have is my dad's and I'd like to give it back to him. I was looking at Canon's PowerShot S2 IS, but it's $500 at Best Buy.

I need a job > >;; Next time I go to the mall, I'll get applications for Suncoast and maybe EB Games.

Meh, I'm off to go study, bye!

P.S. - Suggest cool names.small>
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