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I'm still sick x__x; Ridiculously congested and blowing my nose all over the place. Rave dragged us off to see Dreamer at Raleighwood and I nearly feel asleep XD;;

:O Anywho...I saw Spirited Away for the first time in *ages* last night on CN ^__^ It was much fun, and made me want to see Howl's Moving Castle. So I dragged us off to Hollywood Video after the movie, but they didn't have it ;; But I did rent Kamikaze Girls, so that should be good. I'm surprised it came out in the states so fast, though XD

Hurm, what else...we're going to Mitchell's tomorrow morning to see what is to be done about my hair. Actually, we're going to get it deep conditioned. I'm surprisingly not all that upset about the part that fell out, and it's mostly covered the way I style my hair anyways so...I just know dad's gonna have some sort of "I told you so," comment -__-+

Speaking of my dad...he sucks :x;; Not very fatherly.

Psst...MEEVIE!! I'm so happy for little girl is growing up! T^T

SystemF is off to get juice n__n/) *haha Meevie, I always steal your things ;DD*
Tags: real life, sick, silly hair!
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