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Paixao has taken over my life x__x

Subarashi~! Unzer za seaa~!

Gaah, why is Sora's Japanese voice so fucking adorable?! It's driving me crazy!

So! I feel soooo much better, let me tell you. This week has been crap due to the temperature suddenly dropping. I was just sad Monday-Wedensday, and then mood-swingy the next two days XD; But let's recap.

This week was the first of the new semester. Classes are:
African-American History
The "it's us-against-them" mentality of this class is going to annoy me, but we haven't actually done anything except movies and bookwork since the teacher hasn't been there. I think she had a heart attack (or something), but I'm not even 10% sure, so don't quote me.
AP English/AP US
Same old. I'm gonna get pretty tired of these classes really soon.
Honors Earth Science
I want out of this class. It's fascinating, really, but I'd rather take APES instead. Since they only offer APES in the fall, I'll have to take it next year. I filled out a schedule request form so that I could get into Art 2, so let's hope that works out. I really love Ms. Gatewood, though, so I hope I have her for APES.
Honors Algebra 2
Not so bad so far. Ms. Lyon's kinda intimidating, but so far I understand it. Probably because it's just a review of Algebra 1 so far XD;

And that's it. I watched Kagen no Tsuki last night and today, and am reminded why I love that movie/rediscovered the fandom that is HYDE. Seriously, I'm such a fan. I really want to make a KnT layout, but I'd actually have to start making my own first.

And on that note...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAIDO! *goofy fangirl grin* :B

And I'd better do my English reading now, g'night!


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